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Coordinator and tutor of the MAS ETH Architecture and Digital Fabrication
80%, Zurich, fixed-term

The Master of Advanced Studies ETH in Architecture and Digital Fabrication (MAS ETH DFAB) seeks to extend its teaching team with a coordinator and lecturer. The MAS ETH DFAB is a one-year, full-time educational programme positioned within a vibrant multidisciplinary research environment, jointly organised by the Chair for Digital Building Technologies (DBT) led by Prof. Benjamin Dillenburger and Gramazio Kohler Research (GKR) led by Prof. Fabio Gramazio and Prof. Matthias Kohler.

Furthermore, the MAS is the educational programme of the National Centre for Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, one of the world’s leading interdisciplinary research clusters on digital fabrication and robotics in architecture. It is also strongly linked to the Institute of Technology in Architecture (ITA) and the Architecture Department (D-ARCH) of ETH Zurich.

The MAS ETH DFAB program introduces students to state of the art computational design, digital fabrication technologies, material innovation, and sustainable design principles. This comprehensive postgraduate course prioritizes practical experience, seamlessly connecting digital design to physical fabrication with an emphasis on robotics and the most recent architectural technologies. Tailored for professionals in architecture, engineering, and allied sectors, the MAS ETH DFAB equips its graduates with the specialist knowledge required to bring forward digital technologies in the architecture and construction field.

Job description
As a member of the MAS ETH DFAB teaching team, your role consists of the curriculum design, comprehensive planning and daily instruction of the 18 students enrolled in the MAS ETH DFAB program.

Your profile
- An MSc or equivalent in architecture (MArch, BSc + Postgraduate education) with a strong interest in architectural design, programming, and robotic fabrication.
- A minimum of 2 years of professional experience in architectural design or academia.
- Experienced in teaching with excellent interpersonal skills.
- At least 3 years of experience in object-oriented programming, particularly in Python, with an openness to other programming languages (C#).
- Experienced in the design to fabrication of 1:1 architectural demonstrators.
- Experienced in collaborative development and versioning in Git.
- Willing to work in teams.

See full details and job posting on the official ETH Zurich Job Portal (link).

Please apply exclusively via the online application portal. Applications sent by e-mail or post will not be considered.
Internship in Sustainable Robotic Fabrication and Additive Manufacturing
100%, Zurich, fixed-term

Project Background
Impact printing is a novel robotic AM method developed at ETH by an interdisciplinary team including Gramazio Kohler Research, the Robotic Systems Lab, and the Chair of Sustainable Construction. This robotic AM method has the aim of increasing the economic competitiveness of low-impact and circular building materials, such as earth-based and by-product materials. The initial research project is now coming to a close and now the focus is on commercializing the developed AM method through the production of resolved building components and details.

Job description
We are looking for an addition to the team working on the research project “Impact Printing”. The research project is moving towards early stage-commercialization. As such, the candidate will support the team in the realization of 1:1 building prototypes and details and assist with the documentation of the research. Depending on the interests and skills of the candidate, other tasks could include rendering of architectural and construction systems and details, mechanical prototyping, and development of robotic control code or computational design methods. The project is affiliated with the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, with a focus on multidisciplinary research. The internship (full-time) spans 3 months and is funded according to standard regulations, with a possibility for extension. The research team targets the establishment of an ETH spin-off, which the candidate could potentially join depending on outcome, interest, and funding.

See full details and job posting on the official ETH Zurich Job Portal (link).

Please apply exclusively via the online application portal. Applications sent by e-mail or post will not be considered.
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