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NCCR Digital Fabrication
Architectural Design V-IX "Immersive Studio" SS/AS
We are used to designing architecture from a supposedly objective perspective. With immersive technologies, we overcome this distance, expand our perception and dive directly into the space to be designed. In doing so, we develop an altered understanding of space, in which we digitally design architecture and its construction and simultaneously move within it. Current Project: Immersive Studio - HIL-Z

Master of Advanced Studies
Embedded into the framework of the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication, the Master of Advanced Studies in Architecture and Digital Fabrication (MAS ETH DFAB) teaches fundamental methods and technologies of digital design and fabrication and their expressed 1:1 implementation in architecture and construction. The MAS Digital Fabrication is a one-year full-time programme and is structured as a series of interdisciplinary teaching modules with an independent master thesis. Current project: Gradual Assemblies

Elective Course SS/AS
The course consists of a lecture series coupled with a series of taught exercises. Departing from the work of Gramazio Kohler Research, the lectures establish a conceptual framework of the digital in architecture with special regard to digital fabrication. The exercises focus on simple yet powerful methods of digital, computational and algorithmic design. Two seminar sessions are dedicated to an open debate on the digital as a driving force of a future building and architecture culture. Current project: The Digital in Architecture III

Seminar Week SS/AS
As a complement to the regular coursework, week-long excursions are offered once each semester by an ad hoc group of instructors. By studying carefully circumscribed issues, the students discipline specific knowledge is expanded. At the same time, their understanding of the connections between the areas of knowledge and human life, which contribute to the production and effect of architecture is deepened. Current project: Seminar Week SS19 - New Ways of Worldmaking

Focus Work
Gramazio Kohler Research offers students at the D-ARCH the possibility of a focus work at the professorship. In-depth work at the professorship can be purely written as well as a creative work. However, working with robots in the context of the focus work is only possible in special cases. In addition to the work, an oral final exam is required.

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