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Immersive Design Lab, ETH Zurich, 2020-2021
The Immersive Design Lab (IDL), at the Hoenggerberg Campus of ETH Zurich, was initiated and implemented by Gramazio Kohler Research in collaboration with experts from extended reality and acoustics. As an interdisciplinary laboratory, it represents an unprecedented platform for collaborative research and teaching in the rapidly evolving field of interactive extended reality and machine learning in design, architecture, and engineering.

Concretely, the IDL enables the synaesthetic interaction of users in real-time with virtual design and engineering models as well as human-computer design and fabrication interfaces using state-of-the-art technologies. Leveraging recent advances in real-time image and sound rendering, the lab fuses visualisation with 3D spatial auralisation.

At its core, one can find the 32m2 arena, intended as a presentation and experiment area for up to 20 people. The arena is surrounded by 14 columns serving as modular technical hubs, and to which is possible to plug in a variety of sensors for data collection. Thanks to a total of 75 speakers that are integrated at different elevations in the columns and the unique ceiling rack, the IDL offers one of the best immersive spatial audio experiences yet. Furthermore, special attention was paid to the use of acoustically performative surfaces and materials, including sound-absorbing curtains and boards, as well as the Acoustic Diffuser Panels, which were designed and developed by Gramazio Kohler Research especially for this purpose.

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Gramazio Kohler Research, ETH Zürich

In Zusammenarbeit mit: ETH Immobilien
Mitarbeiter: Christoph Junk (building project lead), Dr. Romana Rust (operations lead), Gonzalo Casas, Valens Frangez, Michael Lyrenmann, Foteini Salveridou, Achilleas Xydis
Ausgewählte Experten: Jürgen Strauss (Strauss Elektroakustik GmbH), Beat Jaeggli (ETH Immobilien), Christian Frick and Nino Blumer (Rocket Science AG), Martin Fröhlich (ZHdK), Mehmet Özalp (CH-Ingenieure GmbH), Robin Klöden (Thomas Boyle & Partner AG)

Ausgewählte Unternehmer: Aectual, Arcad Audio, Candy Acoustics GmbH, Lang & Baranday AG, lumachroma, opentec GmbH

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